The difference between Christian Religion, and true Christianity.


The aim of the Christian Religion is in fact no different than any other Religion on this Planet. Upheld by a profiteering hierarchy to promote one to find acceptance with the God of Creation. Some try by being Nuns, Monks, Charity, Popeary or Priest-craft.  There are even some Muslims who try indiscriminate murder to earn their reward to enter the celestial abode. Well we can discount all of that for God is no respecter of persons and man’s works are all declared to be like filthy rags. God does not reward Monks for being Monks or Nuns for being Nuns, or Priests for being Priest or Popes, Khomeini’s or Imams nor Islamic murderers with paradise. Common sense should tell you that. 1Corinthians 6:9,10. God is Holy and has declared all under sin.

The world is both ignorant and in denial of the fact that God has since the Cross of Christ placed all its inhabitants, without exception, no longer under probation but under condemnation.